Vessel Marine

Vessel Marine is a new and different kind of boat dealership.  Vessel Marine comes to you!  As the sole distributors of Tiburon Boats in the State of Florida, we will bring a demo boat to you and take you out on a sea trial.  Outrageous you say?  Try us!  

Tiburon Boats

Tiburon Boat Company sprouts from the combination of engineering ingenuity and passion for fishing.  Back in 2008, a lifelong aerospace engineer and boat enthusiast decided to create something new.  Through hard work and countless hours of auto cad designing,  fiberglass laying, material cutting and rigging, the first prototype emerged.  Dubbed NX-22, the boat was 22 feet in length and in it maiden voyage, it exceeded everyone expectations.

Fast forward a few years and Tiburon Boats are now seen in the flats of Texas and Florida. Contact us today and test drive a Tiburon Boat, whether it is the LX-21, ZX-22 or ZX-25.

Description of Tiburon Boats

Skinny, skinny, skinny.

All Tiburon Boats have a static draft of 8 inches or less!  This includes the boat loaded with four anglers, motor and standard equipment.  Under the same conditions, the Tiburon Boats can fully plane on 2 inches or less.  With this unfair advantage over other anglers, you will be able to access fishing spots you only dreamed off.

Storage, storage, storage.

Not only will Tiburon Boats take you shallower than ever before, it will also do that with more comfort as well.  When you have a need to put 5 people on your boat, you want to still be able to walk around.  Tiburon Boat’s large volume of storage and the optional raised platform provides the most organized and worry-free ride.


Enjoy speeds over 50 miles per hour and 2 inch draft with a 175-200 hp motors!  We design the Tiburon Boats so that they can get you to your fishing spots just as fast with a smaller, lighter motor.

Tiburon’s Patented* “One of a Kind” Hull Design

Tiburon Boats’ Patent Pending hull design was derived by adapting the same aerospace principles that are used in developing fighter jets.  Designed on the most advanced Computer Aided Design software available, the hull design was computer-optimized before the hull was even machined.  Digital design and manufacturing results in an extremely efficient hull design that reduces drag, provides lift and literally feels like it glides on the water.  Tight tolerances translate into a lightweight, strong design unlike anything on the market.  We have seen over 6 MPG with a 200 Hp engine!

The propeller and skeg run completely above the planing surface.  The unique hull design allows the engine to be trimmed without losing water pressure or bite.

Tiburon Boats do not allow the propeller to touch the sea grass resulting in greatly reducing unsightly and harmful sea grass scars.

Many boat manufacturing companies copy hull designs from existing hulls and then modify them slightly for re-branding.  Not Tiburon Boats.  All Tiburon boats are designed from the ground up.  NOTHING is copied.  There is nothing like it on the market…and there is nothing that can compete with it on the water!

Tiburon Boats is a truly custom boat company. Utilizing CAD and CAM software, Tiburon Boats can quickly react to customer and market drivers.  For example, our new “stand on top” console went from concept to completion in two weeks.

Tiburon Utilizes State of the Art Design and Manufacturing

Quality is not something that is checked for after a boat is completed…at Tiburon Boats quality is designed into every Tiburon Boat.  By utilizing state of the art design and manufacturing tools, all Tiburon Boats exceed the industry in fit and finish.  Master Patterns (Plugs) are machined to 1/1000 inch tolerance resulting in highly efficient hulls that reduces friction and improves performance.  No other boat company can match Tiburon Boats in its design to manufacturing processes.  No other boat can match Tiburon Boats in its performance and fishabilty!


For decades, mankind has been putting machines into the sky and into space.  Because of the life-threatening aspects of that proposition, huge investments have gone into the design techniques and materials to build aero-structures.  But the marine vessel industry has changed very little.  In particular, the recreational boating industry is rife with copies and re-dos.  Many manufacturers will literally take an existing boat hull, modify it slightly, make a mold from it and give it a new manufacturer’s name.  Not at Tiburon Boats.  We leveraged the best that aerospace design and technology has to offer for the marine industry.  We utilized their same CAD technology to design this boat from its hull to its deck and console.  We were able to send that digital information to a CNC machine to make a precision-cut plug and mold.  The result is a boat with tight tolerances and a crisp fit and finish.


When it comes to boat manufacturing, little has changed as well.  Boats from the 1950’s had very similar construction techniques and materials as many boats still manufactured today.  Boat owners had to learn the hard way that wood rots, chrome coatings deteriorate and heavy materials can make a boat too heavy to use in shallow water.  At Tiburon Boats, we use space-age composites and polymers to give our boats both extreme strength and durability while also keeping it very lightweight.   Incorporating this state-of-the-art technology with tried-and-true boat building practices makes for a dependable, strong and extra-capable vessel.  Tiburon Boats has manufacturing facilities in Texas and Florida.  Combining years of traditional boat building experience with cutting edge design and manufacturing practices, Tiburon Boats brings the best of best of both worlds to its customers in the form of a best in class high performance flats boat.

Expirience the Tiburon Boats Today.  Schedule a Sea Trial!